I’m Camellia Bizimovski

I’m a student at UOW studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media studies majoring in Marketing & Advertising. Follow my journey, where I will be completing blog posts, having my say about current global affairs and many other exciting things.

Please subscribe and comment on my content as I would love any feedback and suggestions for future posts as I develop throughout my degree.

Check out my most recent blog posts below!


My intended research topic will be students and physical exercise while studying. My research will be framed around the relationship between exercise and stress in university students. Well-being is a term used to refer to psychological, cognitive and affective factors that enhance the function of a person. Past studies have explored the connection between physical… Continue reading RESEARCH PROPOSAL


It can be tricky being a full-time student whilst working and also living out of home. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do the things you love doing and also have the energy to finish readings, lectures and assignments during a 30-hour workweek. Thus, when thinking about what I would like to research… Continue reading RESEARCH TOPIC

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